• How to choose the right power adapter in three steps
    Post time: Sep-12-2020

    As smart devices become more capable, their power consumption starts to get faster and faster. People are getting used to carrying portable chargers or power adapters. For many people, the concept of a power adapter is limited to chargers, but in fact a power adapter is a transformer that is wide...Pročitajte više »

  • Post time: Sep-04-2020

    In reality, most of the power adapters we come into contact with are switching power supply. Switching power supply refers to a kind of power supply that maintains stable output voltage by controlling the time ratio of switching on and off through modern electronic technology. The switching power...Pročitajte više »

  • Post time: Aug-14-2020

    In recent years, more and more families caught fire while charging their cellphones in the night, especially many families suffered a lot from the fire or even explosion of balance scooter charging , and for our daily use of mobile phones, we have to pay attention to the following, hope it will b...Pročitajte više »

  • Post time: May-21-2019

    The tech world has finally coalesced around a charging standard, after years of proprietary adapters and ugly wall-wart power supplies. Well, sort of: We’re already seeing some fragmentation in terms of the new USB-C connector, which could eventually replace USB, as well as what is thankfully tur...Pročitajte više »

  • Post time: Nov-20-2018

    This is the invitation from DongGuan Suntury Electronic Technology CO., Ltd. We will participate in the CES 2019 in Las Vegas. CES showcases more than 3,900 exhibiting companies, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery system...Pročitajte više »

  • Suntury će prisustvovati CES 2018 u Las Vegasu
    Post Time: Dec-26-2017

    U januaru 2018. godine, mi ćemo prisustvovati izložbi CES u Las Vegasu. Kroz ovo pokazuje, Suntury će donijeti adapter, USB punjač, ​​bežični punjač za naš kupac. CES, nekada Međunarodnom sajmu potrošačke elektronike (International CES®), prikazuje više od 3.900 izlagača, includi ...Pročitajte više »

  • Suntury Prisustvujte Global Izvori Electronic Show u HK
    Post Time: Dec-21-2017

    Pročitajte više »

  • Kako da pronađete adapter za napajanje grupe klijenata
    Post Time: Nov-22-2017

    U ovom trenutku, kupci adapter za napajanje svuda, ali kako pronaći kupce, precizno razlikovati je problem da osoblje mnogi prodaja ne može učiniti, Hyun ispred moć proizvođača adapter uglavnom 5V2A adapter za napajanje, 12V1A adapter za napajanje, 12V2A adapter za napajanje, 12V3A adapter za napajanje, 12V5A adapter za napajanje, ...Pročitajte više »

  • Zalemiti zajednički mehanizam neuspjeha adaptera za napajanje
    Post Time: Nov-22-2017

    Uz adapter za napajanje (prebacivanje napajanja) gustoća povećava, veličina lemljenje spojeva imati mehaničku i električnu funkciju povezivanja više i više malih, i neuspjeh bilo koje od lem zajednički je vjerojatno da će izazvati kvara uređaja ili čak switching napajanje. Stoga, rel ...Pročitajte više »

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