How to choose the right power adapter in three steps

As smart devices become more capable, their power consumption starts to get faster and faster. People are getting used to carrying portable chargers or power adapters. For many people, the concept of a power adapter is limited to chargers, but in fact a power adapter is a transformer that is widely used in chargers. People who are not familiar with the power adapter often have to face what kind of power adapter is used for charging.



The power adapter has a variety of parameters, so you can’t use the adapter for charging. Before choosing a power adapter, you must first determine three adaptations.

First, the interface of the adapter matches with the device;

Second, the output voltage must be the same as the rated input voltage of the load (mobile device) or within the voltage range that the load (mobile device) can withstand; otherwise, the load (mobile device) may be burnt out;


Third, the output current of the power adapter shall be equal to or greater than the current of the load (mobile device) to provide sufficient power;

First, the interface does not match in the case of professional knowledge do not plug in, otherwise it will be dangerous.

Second, for why the need for a consistent voltage, from the principle is such — insufficient voltage, not enough to drive the load, the battery can not be charged normally, said the popular point is in short supply.

Thirdly, as to why such current configuration is needed, it involves the principle of the circuit. We all know that the power supply has internal resistance, and the greater the resistance, the greater the loss. Therefore, the manufacturer will determine the no-load output voltage within a certain range according to the size of internal resistance when producing this adapter, and the current critical value corresponding to the voltage critical value is the nominal value of the current we see. The greater the current nominal value, the better the carrying capacity of the adapter. So choosing an adapter with a slightly higher current won’t hurt the battery, but will make it charge faster. 




The above is small make up for how to choose the perfect three steps roughly introduced, how to choose the power adapter according to their own needs, and give three kinds of relatively easy to understand the selection conditions, and then explained the three conditions respectively, very suitable for beginners to read. I hope you can gain after reading this article, writer will also bring you more knowledge.

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Post time: Sep-12-2020

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