How to locate power adapter customer groups

At present, the power adapter customers everywhere, but how to find customers, accurately distinguish is a problem that many sales staff can not do, Hyun front power adapter manufacturer mainly 5V2A power adapter, 12V1A power adapter, 12V2A power adapter, 12V3A power adapter, 12V5A power adapter, 12V10A power adapter, 5V3A power supply adapter, 24V1A power adapter, 24V2A power adapter, power adapter, the adapter is the main customers in Europe and America market and Chinese market, and seize power source adapter, the adapter most customers, therefore to teach you some customer positioning:
Enterprises are in the stage of mass marketing, customer orientation is relatively simple, such as large and small enterprises and personal users. However, with the advent of the era of precision marketing, customer orientation will become diversified. What are the characters (internal or external) customer to what the form and content of marketing activities what kind of response will be a study to try to result.
An important idea is to bring more profits to the customer. This treatment and marketing stage of customer segmentation is not the same. In the stage of customer care, customers who are more interested in consumer behavior in the location was identified as a high contribution. To provide priority access to these customers, more live to solve the permissions, faster response time of service priority, quality service so that customer satisfaction can be improved, so these enterprises hope to enhance customer loyalty. However, in the marketing activities of new design, still not visible this type of customer is a type, need to further distinguish treatment, according to the customer the characteristics of the appropriate means of communication.
The research shows that the customer orientation results there is no need to let customers I know, especially for low-end customers, know that there is someone else than he accept higher levels of free service will cause a negative reaction. If you want to let customers know, will give their customers can control the direction and path, such as the establishment of an integral according to the plan and reward or according to the selected product level and provide the corresponding treatment.
However, in the domestic more high-end customers love to show their unique and different, so many enterprises tend to help high-end customers to strengthen the value of the “dominant”. For example, the ad hoc open big customer room in the hall. Many of the business card customers counter channel and a special lounge at the airport and other places, to large customers design a special mark of daily luxury goods, is Chinese enterprises more and more used. But there are a lot of enterprises through customer began to distinguish, often let the customers who do not know when to become a major customer, let the small customers do not understand to go through those efforts can become a “big customer”.
If your position is designed for marketing strategy, there is no need to tell the customers; if your position is set for the customer service, and the positioning of the standard is in accordance with the number of pure absolute amount of customer contribution can be calculated, and vigorously promote the preferential treatment of high-end customers. At the same time, clear rules of the game, and design rules it should be concise, the low-end customers “learn model, rush of direction.

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