Precautions for mobile phone charging

In recent years, more and more families caught fire while charging their cellphones in the night, especially many families suffered a lot from the fire or even explosion of balance scooter charging , and for our daily use of mobile phones, we have to pay attention to the following, hope it will be useful for you:

1 Don’t use your smart phone while it’s charging.
In normal circumstances, the components with dangerous voltages and the insulation between the conductive parts which can be touched are penetrated or the contact current is too large. Especially for some smartphone users, “side-by-side play” is a commonplace, should be careful. In addition, cheap mobile phone chargers are also very easy to catch fire.

2 Better use your oringinal charger
The original mobile phone charger has over voltage protection line, and equipped with rectifier transformer device, can make high pressure change low-voltage, DC power conversion to AC. And universal chargers are mostly informal manufacturers, without protection coil, easy to make voltage or current too high, and unstable. High voltage is easy to charge the battery bulge, and sometimes cause a dangerous explosion, the mobile phone is also easy to burn.

3 Choose Qualified Products
In the purchase of mobile phone chargers, batteries must choose the Normal factory qualified products, do not figure cheap to the informal small manufacturers to buy electrical performance unqualified products. Good charger internal overheating self protection circuit, when its internal temperature reaches a certain value, will automatically disconnect the power supply, play a certain degree of protection.

4 While in charge, try to let the charging units in someone’s care.
Mobile phone Battery to try to choose someone to recharge the time, so that can timely and deal with abnormal situation. Charging should pay attention to the temperature of the charger and there is no Coke odor, if the temperature is too high, there is a clear hot or the presence of coke paste taste, etc., to stop charging first, check out the cause and carry out the necessary treatment before charging.

5 Do not cover anything while charging.
Charging when the mobile phone voltage is higher than standby, if the use of unqualified batteries or chargers, coupled with the environment, such as high temperature, damp, may occur accident.

That’s all you have.

Can you remember that? Period


Performance of Apple New 87W Adapte

With the development of e-commerce, more and more emerging charger brand appeared in front of us, many users in the hearts of common problems: what kind of charger should I buy for my electronic devices ?

Apple’s official website wrote an article entitled “Finding the Right Power Adapter and Power Cord for Mac Laptops”, which states: “You should use an appropriate power adapter for use with your Mac laptop. The compatible adapter does not have any problems, but it does not make the computer charge faster, nor does it make the way it works, and the lower  watt power adapter can not provide enough power.

In general, this article can basically solve the use of doubt for many Apple users , but some users will ask,   can I charge iphone with mac adapters? Will it make my phone got fire?

At present, the power adapter of the Mac notebook has 29W, 45W, 60W, 61W, 85W, 87W six power specifications, and the Apple mobile phone comes standard with the charger power is the same year the 5V / 1A 5W, if it is necessary to put two The value is far from the things stabbed together, think really do some fear.

Then fit the Mac laptop’s high-power charger in the end can give Apple phone charge? How much will the charging power be? We did some related tests for this.

I found the current Apple original power of the 87W power adapter, POWER-Z FL001 USB table, Apple’s original USB Type-C to lightning data cable and Microsoft C to C line.

After the author found that Mac laptop 87W power adapter can give Apple phone and Android phone normal power supply, and use this adapter to Apple mobile phone charging, the power will be larger than the original charger, charging speed will be accelerated.

Of course, this is because some Apple phones themselves support Apple 2.4A this charging protocol, and Mac notebook all models of power adapters are also backward compatible with Apple 2.4A charging protocol.


So in this way the charge of the phone itself is not damaged, and for the test of Andrews mobile phone, because each use of the charging protocol is different, and the charger can not correctly identify the charging power can not achieve the original charger effect.

In short, if you are an apple fan, or about to start Apple equipment, in the charger compatibility on this issue do not have to worry about, that is, Apple equipment and accessories can poke each other.

Technology is evolving in all industries from automotive to communication and now to how we charge our laptops, tablets, and phones. No longer do you need to carry different chargers thanks to the GaN USB-C PD chargers.

This relatively new technology uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors as opposed to conventional silicon versions. This means you are presented with a smaller, more efficient, and light charger that you can use to charge all your gadgets. In this article, we look at seven of the best in the market, but first, let’s highlight why you need one now!

Why you need a GaN charger in 2020 (benefits)

It conducts higher voltages compared to silicon versions. As such, your phone or laptop will charge quickly.

It mitigates the loss of energy through heat allowing ample transfer of energy to your device.

With it, you can charge all USB devices from tablets, smartphones, earphones, etc.

Its design is 50 percent smaller than the standard MacBook chargers.

Well, you can expect more upgrades in the future that will further bolster their efficiency. And as soon as behemoth tech giants like Samsung start including them as accessories for their products, you’ll notice an influx in the market. But as of now, here are seven premium options for you.

First off is this charger from ESR that is compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad Pro, and Xiaomi phone lines, among others. The GaN technology lets it charge your phone or laptop efficiently without energy wastage. Besides, it is small in size measuring 45% smaller than a standard 60W phone charger. It also weighs 35% less than your average phone charger. This presents you with a lightweight and portable option to use as you commute.


And its lack of cords saves space in your bag so you can carry other accessories. This charger does not produce heat hence saving energy which results in efficient charging. With intelligent power distribution, it charges all plugged in devices uniformly. And as an added safety feature it comprises overheat and short-circuit protection. No longer will you worry about it blowing up.

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